Torolly Serviced®

The same great service that goes into our Torolly Certified® pre-owned vehicles is available to you! So whether you’re looking for a quality oil change at a great price, need a complete brake service, or need to install tires onsite for your company fleet, Toro is your automotive HQ!

Below are some of the automotive maintenance services we offer, for a complete listing click here:

  • Oil Change

    Starting @ $24.95+tax

  • Synthetic Oil Change

    Starting @ $49.95+tax

  • Engine Air Filter

    Starting @ $15.95+tax

  • Tire Rotation

    Starting @ $19.95+tax

  • Wheel Balancing

    Starting @ $7.95+tax

  • Brake Replacement

    Starting @ $119.95+tax

  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement

    Starting @ $14.95+tax

  • Coolant System Service

    Starting @ $69.95+tax

  • Battery Replacement

    Starting @ $69.95+tax

  • Tire Replacement

    Starting @ $79.95+tax

  • Wheel Alignment

    Starting @ $59.95+tax

  • A/C Service

    Starting @ $49.95+tax

  • Headlamp Restoration

    Starting @ $19.95+tax

  • Check Engine Light

    Starting @ $49.95+tax

  • Car Wash & Detail

    Starting @ $49.95+tax